Tweezer ESD Bend- Armsol ESD-15

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Armsol ESD Tweezers are used for Most Critical ESD Applications. These tweezers feature excellent transient current discharge performance that is at par with industry standards. Armsol tweezers are ideal for high-temperature applications such as soldering. Offering excellent break strength and surface finish, as well as extremely high heat resistance upto 900°C. In addition, these tips are resistant to solder, chemicals, solvents, and acids. These tweezers are perfectly designed for the precision handling of delicate parts and small components.

Specifications – ESD Tweezer Bend
  • Brand – Armsol
  • Material -ESD
  • Head Type – Bend/curve
  • Weight – 40 g
  • Applications –  Used Extensively in Mobile/Gadget/Laptop Repair & Jewellery Repair Work
  • Colour – Black

Precise Instrument – Armsol tweezers are Small with Elbow, Perfect for home and professional use.

High Quality – Armsol tweezers are made up of Stainless material making them rustproof and durable for a long lifespan.

Compact & Portable – These are Small in size and easy to carry and operate.

Wide Usage – Suitable for repairing electronics products such as watches, Jewelry, lab work, chemical work, machines, high technology, phone, tablets, glass, digital cameras, and LCD Tv.

ESD Tweezers are Popular in electronics assembly and lab applications. These are Ideal for handling sensitive glass or ceramic parts where non-metallic, non-scratching tweezer tips are critical. Armsol Tweezers are Available in many different tip and styles to specifically meet the needs of your application. Straight tip wafer handling tweezers offer durable tip material, high-temperature tolerance, and good chemical compatibility. Perfect for the non-scratch handling of gallium arsenide and silicon wafers as well as sensitive ceramic and glass parts. ESD Safe ergonomic grips reduce stress and tension on fingers. Giving you optimum comfort when working continuously with small parts.

When soldering small surface-mount (SMD/SMT) components, one thing you’ll need is a good pair of tweezers. Armsol ESD Tweezers is a great pair of everyday tweezers. They’re anti-static, anti-magnetic, and made of hard stainless steel. The tips are fine and pointy to pick up any size component. This particular model is 120mm long with a 9mm / 0.35″ gap at the tips while open, this allows it to pick up components with better precision for placement and steadying during soldering.

ESD tweezer works well in placing SMD components on a PCB. They are also useful for removing parts during rework!

These are nice, solid curved tweezers. They have a very fine tip which allows you to pick up very small parts with precision. This is a great tool to have if you’re working with surface mount components or anything with very small parts. The ESD-safe coating will also help prevent electro-static damage to sensitive electronic components.

Applications – ESD Tweezer Bend

  • Electronics, Medical Device, Laser, as well as Microwave Device Assembly
  • Circuit Die and Electronic Package Assembly
  • PCB Rework and Repair
  • Work under a Microscope / Microelectronics
  • Biotech, Biology, Military, and Aerospace Electronics Assembly
  • Various Laboratory Applications

We at Armsol engineer our high precision line to meet and even exceed, the strict requirements for electronics assembly, labs, cleanroom as well as circuit board repair. Made of the highest quality materials including low carbon stainless anti-magnetic,100% non-magnetic superalloy as well as conductive and static dissipative replacement tips. Our high-precision tweezer tips are perfectly balanced offering fine tip symmetry for precision work. We polish the tip edges to provide a non-scratch, as well as an anti-glare finish.

Key Features – ESD Tweezer
  • Non-Magnetic & Anti-Corrosive.
  • Both Tweezers are Self Opening Type (Squeeze to Close) Tweezers.

Product Features: ESD Tweezer 

  • Efficient at work
  • Use friendly design
  • Durable
  • Antistatic, Anti-magnetic and anti-acid
  • Cutting-edge parts of pure manual polishing, fine workmanship
  • Processed at high temperature and planting antistatic material
  • Tips after a long time of use are still super straight.

About – ESD Tweezer Bend/Curved tip

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 ESD tweezer bend
  • These electronic tweezers can adapt to long-term work with the appearance of smooth lines and fine processing.
  • These ESD Tweezers are set with ESD (Surface Electrostatic Discharge) finish to protect the components and handles from the damaging effects of static.
  • Straight & Curved for Electronics, Jewelry-Making, Craft, Soldering, etc
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  • Return:- Item mismatch or parts missing etc.
  •  No return/Replacement will apply if the Product has been subject to misuse, static discharge, neglect, accident, modification, or has been soldered or altered in any way.
  • We accept no responsibility for improper installation of our products. Electrical polarity must be properly observed in hooking up electrical components.
Tweezer ESD Bend- Armsol ESD-15
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