6mm Coupler, Flanged Coupling for 6mm shaft motor - Shaft Coupling, For DC Geared Motor
Bore diameter: 6mm Material: Aluminium This is coupling for a 6mm shaft motor , it can be use to couple with any motor with 6mm shaft diameter This coupling is generally used to couple 6mm shaft DC motor with anything...
Rs. 40.00 Rs. 35.00
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Dead Axle, Free Axle, Dummy Motor 6mm Shaft
Free Axle Set of 4 CS Motor Top Part Shaft Size: 6mm; Length: 23mm Used for idle wheel mounting in robot car vehicle--Dead Axle , Free Axle, Dummy Motor 6mm Shaft This free axle module comes in handy when you...
Rs. 30.00
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Cable Length :10cm Black: negative Red: positive White: signal -- This is a 10cm Servo Extension with J Connectors. On one end of the wire is a male "J" connector and on the other end of the wire is a...
Rs. 60.00 Rs. 40.00
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Brushless Controller 24V for Hub Motor 250W
Rated voltage: 24V Rated Power: 250W Current: 16±1 A Under Voltage: 21±0.V --Get excellent quality Brushless Controller for 24V 250W Electric Scooter Hub Motor for your electric bike at the best price. If you have been looking for a brushless...
Rs. 3,999.00
3V CD DVD Drive Motor
Rated Voltage : 3.0VDC , RPM: 4800 r/min Voltage 1.0-3.0V DC No load current 110mA max Good Quality Genuine Products Input Voltage: DC 3V-6V
Rs. 150.00
Micro DC motor
DC motor, operating voltage: 1.5 to 3V = (typic. = 3V) No-load speed 15200 rpm. / min (0.045 A) at a load of 11820 rpm. / min (0.16 A), Dimensions:13 x 10 x 8 mm , shaft: 0.8mm.
Rs. 30.00
Mini Electric Drill Chuck 0.3-4mm JTO Taper Mounted Lathe PCB Drill Press for Motor Shaft Connecting Rod
  Classic keyed Three-Jaw Chuck Design, Quick Change, and Easy Lock. Made of High-Quality Metal, Solid and Durable, Jaws Have Been Treated By Special Craft, with Strong Wear-Resistance, Precise and Reliable Accuracy, Very Durable. Easily and securely install a wide...
Rs. 499.00
DIY Mini Wind Turbine Blade Vertical Axis Micro Generator Blades Small Set Motor Control
Model Number - DIY Mini Wind Turbine Blade Vertical Axis Micro Generator Blades Small Set Material - Plastic--This is DIY Mini Wind Turbine Blade Vertical Axis Micro Generator Blades Small Set.
Rs. 750.00
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