Sim 800L GSM GPRS Micro Sim Card Module
PWM/Buzzer vibration motor control AT command interface with "auto baud" detection Send and receive SMS messages. Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.). Scan and receive FM radio broadcasts. Lead out buzzer and vibration motor control port. AT command...
Rs. 550.00
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This product is suitable for aircraft positioning, flight route, and automatic return flight.The built-in compass can effectively reduce the interference to the magnetic field sensor.Ublox NEO M8N is greatly upgraded on the basis of 6M, low power consumption, high precision,support...
Rs. 2,550.00 Rs. 2,099.00
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NEO 6M GPS Module
GPS modules NEO-6M, 3V-5V power supply Universal Module with ceramic destined antenna, super signal EEPROM power down to save the configuration parameters data LED signal indicator With data backup battery--The NEO-6M GPS module is a well-performing complete GPS receiver with...
Rs. 550.00
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SIM900A GSM GPRS Module with RS232 Interface and SMA Antenna
Quad-Band GSM/ 850/900/1800/1900MHz Compatible with arduino, raspberry pi, arm, avr, pic, 8051 Power supply 12v 1amp to 2 amps max Use in the area of full signal strength--SIM900A GSM GPRS Module with RS232 Interface and SMA Antenna is built with...
Rs. 1,200.00
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Rs. 2,690.00 Rs. 2,299.00
GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1 SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS Galileo-ready E1B/C (NEO-M8N) Onboard Compass Assistance AssistNow GNSS Online AssistNow GNSS Offline (up to 35 days) AssistNow Autonomous (up to 6 days) OMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant...
Rs. 2,690.00 Rs. 2,299.00
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TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 & SIM800L Wireless Module Lilygo
TTGO T-call is a modified ESP32 (ESP-WROVER-B 8MB PSRAM) development board with an integrated SIM800L 2G/GPRS module. The USB Type C pluggable board includes an integrated LiPo Battery Charging Circuit & Connector and is an excellent solution for developing IoT applications.Aside...
Rs. 3,300.00 Rs. 2,599.00
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TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 SIM800L Wireless Communication Module Lilygo
The wireless module is integrated with ESPRESSIF-ESP32 240MHz dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor.It needs a power supply of 5V/1A and has a Type C port.It features 802.11 b/g/n wifi protocol and bluetooth v4.2BR/EDR and BLE standard protocol.The wireless communication module supports...
Rs. 3,300.00 Rs. 2,799.00
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Ublox NEO 6M GPS Module Built-in Compass
Built-in compass GPS module Main chip: Ublox-6M Built-in high gain ceramic antenna and reverse polarity protection With fast satellite searching speed and high precision. Compatible with APM serial port and I2C port.
Rs. 1,650.00 Rs. 1,399.00
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SMA WiFi Antenna Aerial 2.4GHz 18dBi w/ RP-SMA Male Connector for Wireless Router WiFi Adapter GSM GPS
Specifications: Frequency : 2.4GHz VSWR: <= 1.5 Gain: 18dBi (MAX) Polarization Vertical Maxmum input power: 50W Connector Type: RP-SMA Male Color: Black Antenna Size: approx. 22.2 * 2.7 * 1.30cm / 8.74 * 1.06 * 0.51in Antenna Weight: approx. 36g...
Rs. 260.00 Rs. 199.00
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Description: This module supplies 5-26V power. When the power is less than 9V, it needs 2A DC. Another way the power supply port is 3.5-4.2V, suitable for lithium battery power supply. Computer debugging USB-TTL is enough. Suitable for portable. Two...
Rs. 2,850.00 Rs. 2,499.00
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Rs. 30.00
Impedance:50 ohm Frequency Range: 0~6 GHz Cable attachment: Crimping Type VSWR: Straight type ≦ 1.3max / R/A type ≦ 1.5max Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:1000 V rms min for RG142, RG405 Working Voltage: 500 V rms max. for RG142, RG405 --We at robu offers, a full...
Rs. 30.00
Onboard Resources: – Serial port circuit(with protection) – Antenna interface circuit(SMA bend female port) – SIM card circuit (flip SIM slot) – 4×3.5mm fixture hole 4pcs – SIM900A serial port output terminal – Size:49mm x 47mm – Net Weight:28g Package...
Rs. 1,499.00
Header option for interfacing ADC,I2c,SPI Micro SIM Card Connector Built with microSD card connector Onboard Anti Static Protection IC Header option for 4.2V output from VBAT Header option for LAN Four 3MM Mounting Holes are Provided Input voltage : 5V-12V...
Rs. 6,700.00
NEO-M8N GPS with Compass
Ready to Connect to PIXHAWK FC with 6-pin connector Attached  Receiver type 72-channel M8 engine  Galileo-ready E1B/C (NEO-M8N)  Nav. update rate1 Single GNSS: up to 18 HZ  Acquisition Cold starts: 26 s Onboard Compass --This is a new generation NEO-M8N...
Rs. 2,200.00
NEO M8N GPS Module
  Module Size : approx. 26 x 36 x 4 (LxWxH) mm. Net weight : approx. 16 gm. Gross weight : approx. 17 gm. Mounting : approx. 3 mm. The default baud rate : 9600Z -- The APM2.5 NEO-M8N GPS Module...
Rs. 1,599.00
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Ublox NEO 7M GPS Module
Ublox NEO-7M Flight Controller GPS Module Built-in Data Memory Replace NEO-6M--GPS modules NEO-7M, 3V-5V power supply Using imported u-blox NEO-7M-0-000 GPS module Module with ceramic destined antenna, signal super EEPROM power down to save the configuration parameter data With data...
Rs. 1,999.00
Power saving mode: Typical power consumption in SLEEP mode is 1.5mA Frequency bands:SIM900A Dual-band: EGSM900, DCS1800. The SIM900A can search the two frequency bands automatically. The frequency bands also can be set by AT command. GSM class: Small MS GPRS...
Rs. 1,099.00
A20 - GSM/GPRS WiFi Camera
Breakout board for A20 module On board two antenna jack. On board camera jack. Package includes main board, two antenna and camera. On board DIP switch to the working mode.--Support GPRS and wifi two main technology, seamless switch in these...
Rs. 0.00
SIM7600E - 4G GSM Module
USB Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 USB Driver for Linux /Android RIL supporting for Android 2.4/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0 MBIM to Win8 Firmware update via USB TCP/IP/IPV4/IPV6/Multi-PDP/FTP/FTPS /HTTP/HTTPS/DNS/MQTT SSL3.0/TLS1.0/TLS1.2 DTMF (Sending and Receiving) Audio Playing--SIM7600 is a complete multi-band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM module solution in...
Rs. 6,800.00
Working frequency: quad-band network, 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz Working voltage: 4.5~5.5V DC (On-board voltage regulator circuit supply power for A6 module) Working current: maximum of 2A Sleep current: 5mA Onboard Micro SIM card holder, you can install...
Rs. 0.00
SIM800A GSM Module
Support Bluetooth function. Programmable general purpose input and output. Power supply voltage of board : 12V--SIM800 is a quad-band GSM/GPRS module that works on frequencies GSM 850MHz, EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS 1900MHz. SIM800 features GPRS multi-slot class 12/...
Rs. 1,250.00
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External Spiral GSM Antenna with SMA Connector
GSM Magnetic SpiralAntenna -- This antenna is designed for GSM GPRS 900/1800 mhz system of communication terminal system. This is a Spiral Type GSM Antenna with standard SMA Male Connecter and 3 meter wire length. It provides high gain of...
Rs. 350.00 Rs. 199.00
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GSM Indoor Anteena - SMA connector
Weight: 8g; Material: Metal, Plastic; Frequency: 824-960MHZ Gain: 2.5-3dbi; Type: Female Impedance: 50ohm; Power: 50W Overall Size: 48 x 17 x 8mm / 1.9" x 0.67" x 0.31"--SMA female elbow connector. Made of metal,plastic.
Rs. 80.00

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