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The continuous search for new ideas has been man’s old obsession and older still is to find a blend of ancient values and modern materialism. The Sulabh philosophy is the nearest approximation to it. Writing about life and mission of Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak is like discussing an elusive idea which is hard to define and harder still to put into a theoretical stereotype. It all started from toilet to later expand into a societal culture and a system which produces no winner, no loser – the stuff of which history is made of. While the ideas of the past have shaped the social, political and religious institutions of today’s world, new concepts continually challenge our old perceptions, fuel debate and pave way for the future. Dr. Pathak’s vision is global, his heart is local. He never quits, no matter how tough life gets in difficult times. He works hard mostly in silence; his success does the talking. He is Hegelian because he is a rationalist; he is a Kantian because he talks of social moralist (categorical imperative), and both of them run together in the book like the Biblical sequence of creation, fall and redemption. This is the history and the legend of Sulabh Movement which is also discussed in the book.

. A Trust and Value-Based System of Self-Governance: The global context to Sulabh ideas
2. Formative Years: A World of Old Values and New Hope: Being remembered makes one live forever
3. Long Journey Since Gandhi Centenary Year in Patna: It was struggle every step of the way
4. A Bridge Between Two Worlds, Old and New: Persuading people to protest and change
5. Big Dreamer of Small Things: A Soft Man and Strong Leader: For whom unheard songs were still sweeter
6. A Leader Tested by Fire: A passion born out of a tragedy
7. A Social Reformer More by Chance than Choice: Sulabh, a keeper of Gandhian legacy
8. A Man of Faith and Good Conscience: Only morality can save the world
9. Sulabh Founder is an Institution Builder: Work impact makes him a cult figure
10. A Synthesis of Gandhism and Social Democracy: Old thought systems re-invented
11. Dr. Pathak’s World View: Trusteeship Idea Revived: The days of revolutions are now over
12. Sulabh Movement Forged Out of a Million Dreams: Areas of major initiatives and achievements
13. Global Perspective to Sulabh Movement: The swimmer matters or the tide?
14. The Ideas that Define Sulabh Movement: A new synergy for mass social action
15. Sulabh Seeks to Change Mindset and Attitude: Toilet is where Sulabh reforms begin
16. World’s Civil Rights Movements that Inspired the Founder
17. Middle Class Behind Most Social Movements: Challenge of blending tradition with change
18. Some Social Movements and Reformers’ Profiles: Sulabh provides critical historical link
19. Dialectics of Social Change: Opposites Lead to Synthesis: The Sulabh theory of social intervention
20. Dr. Pathak is a Third Generation Gandhian: Gandhi, Fritz Schumacher and Sulabh
21. The English Language and Social Reforms: It paved the way for Indian renaissance
22. From Spinning-Jenny to Two-Pit Sulabh Toilet: Both are game-changer technologies
23. Economic and Environmental Benefits of Sulabh Technologies: Enough water saved to meet deficit
24. Social Impact of Sulabh Technologies: Of hidden faces and ‘missing women’
25. The Sewerage System No Longer Self-Sustainable: On-site waste disposal the only answer
26. Science and Technology Trigger Social Change: A divide between old and new worlds
27. Philosophy of Sulabh Technologies and System: Greatest good to the largest number
28. Scavenging: A Flawed Social Construct: A historical injustice revisited
29. Scavenging is Breach of Social Contract: The state has failed the untouchables
30. Scavengers are Worst Victims of Caste System: A birthmark no reform could remove
31. Caste is Rooted in Past, False Beliefs and Religion: India remains a wounded civilisation
32. Temple Entry Movements Led to Social Awakening: Sulabh initiatives a link in the long chain
33. Power Back to People: Role of Civil Society: Sulabh, a new self-sustaining civil society model
34. Landmark Years in Sulabh Sanitation Movement: A long journey of many small steps
35. Bihar: Always a Nursery of Social Movements: A land where great things happened


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