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  • Name: Brushless gimbal stabilizer 
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Motor: 2 * 2206/100T , 1 * 2805/100T (brushless)
  • Strap: for GoPro Hero 3/4, Hawkeye Firefly 7S / 8S and similar size camera( not included)
  • Compatible camera: with a weight of 60-100g , such as GoPro HERO 3 or other cameras ( camera not included )
  • Driver board: STORM32BGC
  • Firmware version: o323bgc-release-v090
  • Hardware version: V130
  • Input voltage: 11.1-16.8V (3-4S LiPo battery)
  • Working current: 350mA
  • Pitch: -90~+90
  • Roll: -25~+25
  • Yaw: -90~ +90
  • Weight: about 181g
  • Color: black
  • Package size: 12*10*9.5 cm
  • Compatible drone: for DJI phantom 1/2 F550 CX-20 Walkera X350 or other DIY drones(May need to be punched to fixed)
How to install:
1. Remove the damping balls, open the top cover of the mounting plate.
2. Install the top cover of the mounting plate to the bottom of the drone.
3. Install the damping balls.
4. Install your camera, and fasten it with straps.
5. Position the camera and then power it on.
Do not power on the gimbal before mounting the camera, or the gimbal will shaking greatly.
Stabilize the gimbal for about 20 seconds after power-on (do not shake the gimbal, keep the gimbal hangs, leave the ground), after hearing a sound, you can use it normally.
The camera strap must be bundled securely.
The fixing strap and mounting plate opening are round. If your sports camera lens is square, you can fix the camera in other forms.
(The steady red light is the power indicator. The yellow light lighting after flashing, it is detected that the gyroscope is working normally.)
Question 1: Why the gimbal shaking so much after power supply?
1:When receive the gimbal, first install the camera, then supply the power, otherwise the gimbal will shake if not install the camera. 
2:The gimbal can only load the camera, becausethe gimbal has requirement to the weight, if equipped with a light camera , it will also shake, because it is too light.
3: If the cable bind the gimbal , the motor will also shake, pls let the cable far away from the gimbal. 
Question 2: The Gimbal cannot work after supply the power?
1: pls insert the sensor again, the sensor may be loose during transportation. Just insert once again.
Question 3: Why the gimbal board  burned?
1: the current is too large, the breakdown of the IC module,pls use batteriy of low Amperage。
Question 4: What voltages can be used of the gimbal?
1:we proposed using 11.1-16.8V ( 3-4S LiPo battery )
Package Included:
1 * Gimbal stabilizer 
1 * Camera fix strap
1 * Receiver cable
1 * JST cable
1 * Screw set
1 * Manual
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