School Projects

Disaster alerting system
Waste water treatment
Flood detector
Earth quake detector
Over Temp Alert to avoid Sunstroke
Wind Speed measurement with alert system
Automatic water DAM control
Railway track crack detection system
Poisonous gas alarm
Fire detector Alarm
Moisture sensor based irrigation system
Solar based automatic irrigation system
Automatic irrigation system
Automatic irrigation system with insect killer
Automatic Complete irrigation System
Protected boundary for agriculture field
Automatic irrigation System
Moisture testing in SOIL
Robot for irrigation
Drip irrigation system
Bird removal Machine With Automatic irrigation
Advanced elephant corridor using laser
Wireless Pump Controller
Vertical wind turbine
Wind Power Plant
Hydro power Plant
Wireless power transmission using solar energy
Wireless mobile charging
Solar village
Solar based smart emergency light
Solar based Automatic street light Control
Solar based smart street light control (Density Based)
Solar power Plant
Solar and wind power generation
Smart street light for energy conservation
Electricity generation from potatoes
Electricity generation from speed breaker
Electricity generation from exhaust fan
Electricity generation using MUD
Electricity generation using industrial garbage
Automatic water supply in agriculture system using solar energy
Solar based Railway level crossing gate control
Solar based intelligent parking system
Smart traffic light control for ambulance (Solar energy operated)
TV remote control CAR for agriculture system(Solar energy based)
Electrical motor/generator working
Solar car
Automatic street light
Water level indicator
Obstacle sensor
Solar system
Tractable pollution control at traffic signal
Train toilet waste disposal system
Bound to clean train toilet
Dust pollution control at crusher
Laser based wireless voice transmission
Manual and automatic traffic light controller
OIL skimmer
Token calling system for bank and clinic
Advanced mobile pay toilet
Solar based refrigeration system
USB mini refrigeration
Wireless disaster alert system
Smart city
Automatic feeding system in fish aquarium
Train toilet waste disposal system
Conservation of water and soil
Automatic flushing system for bathroom
Automatic floor cleaning robot
Automatic farming robot
Automatic gardening system
Automatic flood and disaster management system
Automatic Garbage management system
Automatic Parking System
Light sensitive night lamp with morning alarm
Automatic car parking information system using metal plates
Wireless fan speed control
Overload indicator and cut off
Highway over speed detector with alert system
Remote control home appliance
Mobile controlled home appliance
Auto rain operated wiper
Dining table for handicapped people
Oil collecting system in ports from sea
Music listening system for deaf people
Spherical solar power generation system
Joystick controlled wheelchair
Automatic baby caddle
Amplifier with no electricity
Automatic room temperature controller
Automatic line follower robot
Solar based intelligent car
Visitor counter with room light controller
Intelligent solar charger and emergency light
Anti-collision system for industrial carrier
Automatic main gate controller
Automatic cooling fan control
Clap switch
Automatic room fire alert and prevention system
Wireless powerful fire extinguisher
Nurse calling system for advanced hospitality
Wireless robotic arm mobile based
Wireless mobile controlled car
Wireless RF controller car
Coin based mobile charger
Alcohol alert system for industrial automation
Automatic feeding system in fish aquarium
Intelligent helmet for coal miner
Sensor less tracking system for solar panel
Farmer friendly solar based electric fence
Design of smart helmet
Design of smart ambulance with auto traffic control
Advance traffic light control with gate system
Electricity generation using piezzo sensor
Musical letter box
Medicine timer for patients
Advance design of a garden using different sensors
Automatic water tap control
Smart home
Solar powered automatic light control
Kitchen timer
Solar water purification system
Electronic blind stick
Foot operated grinder
USB mini refrigeration
Mobile phone charging using home based generator
Multi-purpose solar vehicle
Automatic tea container with counter
Wireless tissue dispenser
Wireless crane control for apartment
Zoo model
Metal detector
Defense Robot With Wireless Control And Camera System
Alcohol Detection Of Driver In Vehicle And Immobilizer
Home Security System With Password
Disaster monitoring system
Fire alert system and monitoring
Gas leakage alert system and monitoring
Metal detector system
Door breaking and alert system
Burglar detection system
Burglar detection system with prevention
Driver alerting system in school and colleges
Cell phone detector in exam halls
Emergency key for banks and jewelry and shops
Earthquake detector
Landmine detection robot
Saline alarm
Wireless bomb handling robot
Passenger counter in public transports
Automatic railway crossing
Movable road divider
IR remote based robotic car
Advanced traffic light control with gate open and close
Automated vehicles for physically challenged people
Wireless control firefighting trolley
Mobile phone based car
Smart car with seat belt warning or immobilizer
Smart helmet with accident alert system
Smart helmet based vehicle immobilizer
Smart helmet based automatic lights
Solar based car/ truck/ train/ ambulance/ parking lights/ vehicle lights
Automatic line following car
Automatic braking system and anti-collision system
Train accident avoiding system
Density based traffic light
Manual remote control in traffic light
Edge avoid robot
Obstacle avoid robot
Manual robot
Password based door lock system
FM transmitter
Hydraulic crane
Hydraulic Arm
Tesla Coil


You can suggest us for any project not listed above.