ADVME001 Hydro power plant (Without Storage)
ADVME002 Hydro power plant
ADVME003 Thermal power plant (æ)
ADVME004 Thermal power plant (complete model of plant )(æ)
ADVME005 Thermal power plant (with conveyer belt)
ADVME006 9cc IC engine car(æ)
ADVME007 Wind mill 12W
ADVME008 Wind mill 450W (Without Battery)(æ)
ADVME009 Wind mill 600W (Without Battery)(æ)
ADVME010 Wind mill with solar 32W
ADVME011 Sun seeker
ADVME012 Solar power generation with solar tracker 50W
ADVME013 Solar power generation with solar tracker 100W
ADVME014 Solar power generation with solar tracker 150W
ADVME015 Electricity generation from speed breaker
ADVME016 Electricity generation from bi-cycle
ADVME017 Foot step power generation system (Single)(æ)
ADVME018 Foot step power generation system (Multi)(æ)
ADVME019 Electricity generation from exhaust fan
ADVME020 Electricity generation from overhead water
ADVME021 Air power generator
ADVME022 Pendulum water pumping system(æ)
ADVME023 Water Pumping System using Wind Mill
ADVME024 Water Pumping System using Solar Energy
ADVME025 Disc Brakes
ADVME026 Hydraulics brakes
ADVME027 Hydraulic jack for cars(æ)
ADVME028 Hydraulic based zigzag ladder(æ)
ADVME029 Hydraulic crane
ADVME030 Electromagnetic based cargo lifting crane (small model)(3*4*3 c ft.)
ADVME031 Electromagnetic based cargo lifting crane (large model)(6*6*3 c ft.)
ADVME032 3 way crane for industry used(6*4*4 c ft.)
ADVME033 Locomotive coach cleaner
ADVME034 Steam Based Floor Cleaner(æ)
ADVME035 Vacuum Cleaner
ADVME036 Sand collecting vehicle (Automated vacuum cleaner)
ADVME037 Wheel chair using joystick
ADVME038 Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair (hand gesture)(æ)
ADVME039 Gestures controlled Intelligent Wheel chair (head gesture)(æ)
ADVME040 Voice commands based wheel chair for physically challenged(æ)
ADVME041 Speech recognition Controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot
ADVME042 Touch Screen Controlled wireless Pick and Place Robot
ADVME043 Touch Screen Controlled wired Pick and Place Robot
ADVME044 Bluetooth Controlled Pick and Place Robot with camera
ADVME045 DPDT Controlled Pick and Place Robot
ADVME046 Computer Controlled Wired Pick and Place Robot (RS232)
ADVME047 PC controlled wireless pick & place Robot with video camera
ADVME048 Obstacle Avoidance and Manhole detection travel aid Robot for blind
ADVME049 RF based surveillance robot
ADVME050 Mini Landmine detection robot
ADVME051 Pipe line inspection robot with camera (æ)
ADVME052 Bi-pedal Robot (3ft)(æ)
ADVME053 Robotic fire brigadier trolley
ADVME054 RF based wireless firefighting robot
ADVME055 Touchscreen based wired firefighting robot
ADVME056 Intelligent firefighting robot with IR vision
ADVME057 Automatic car parking system with intelligent car
ADVME058 Intelligent Parking System
ADVME059 Soil testing and collection machine(æ)
ADVME060 Wearable electronics (t-shirt mobile charger)(æ)
ADVME061 Wearable electronics (safety jacket with poisonous gas sensor)(æ)
ADVME062 Wearable electronics (Helmet with night vision)(æ)
ADVME063 Wearable electronics (Automatic light sensing helmet with flashlight)(æ)
ADVME064 Wearable electronics (Jacket with medical alert system)(æ)
ADVME065 Wearable electronics (SPY jacket with live audio video streaming)(æ)
ADVME066 Wearable electronics (poisonous gas sensing gloves)(æ)
ADVME067 Robotic trolley for material handling
ADVME068 Wireless motorized trolley for material handling
ADVME069 Real time sequence control system for machines
ADVME070 Anti-theft wheel locking system(æ)
ADVME071 Front wheel steering system
ADVME072 Four wheel steering system
ADVME073 Solenoid engine
ADVME074 Solenoid engine (Big)(æ)
ADVME075 Steam engine(æ)
ADVME076 Compressed air IC engine
ADVME077 Air Driven Engine
ADVME078 Nitro Car(æ)
ADVME079 Petrol car 4 seated 500cc(æ)
ADVME080 Diesel car 4 seated 600cc(æ)
ADVME081 Handmade car using bike engine(without body)(æ)
ADVME082 Handmade car using bike engine(with body)(æ)
ADVME083 Solar mini car
ADVME084 Solar tri cycle for kids
ADVME085 Solar car 1 seated 250W(æ)
ADVME086 Solar car 2 seated 450W(æ)
ADVME087 Solar car 4 seated with body 750W(æ)
ADVME088 Go-kart with new Suzuki engine (speed 0-70 kmph within 6 sec)(æ)
ADVME089 Dual fuel bike engine (æ)
ADVME090 Automatic speed control of a vehicle
ADVME091 Remote controlled Solar car for kids
ADVME092 ABS (anti-lock braking system)(æ)
ADVME093 EBS (emergency braking system)(æ)
ADVME094 IBS ( intelligent braking system)(æ)
ADVME095 Cooling tower
ADVME096 Cooling tower with refrigeration system
ADVME097 Handmade chilled water system
ADVME098 Intelligent Handmade chilled water system
ADVME099 Hot and Cold water dispenser system
ADVME100 Liquid dispenser machine (auto sensor)
ADVME101 Automatic drilling machine(æ)
ADVME102 Automatic can crusher(æ)
ADVME103 Automatic rain operated wiper(æ)
ADVME104 Automatic bottle washing machine
ADVME105 Automatic Water level Sensor
ADVME106 Automatic irrigation system
ADVME107 Fabrication of solar irrigation System
ADVME108 Fabrication of vegetable slicing Machine
ADVME109 Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine
ADVME110 Fabrication of Electronic Hack Saw Machine
ADVME111 Fabrication of battery car
ADVME112 Fabrication of a petrol engine car
ADVME113 Fabrication of LPG gas bike engine
ADVME114 Fabrication of LPG gas refrigerator
ADVME115 Object rejection and counting machine
ADVME116 Material handling system
ADVME117 Lift or elevator (3 Floor Model)
ADVME118 Lift or elevator (6 Floor Model)
ADVME119 Motorized object lifting jack (750 KG)
ADVME120 Robotic arm with griper
ADVME121 Robotic arm with griper (touchscreen controlled)
ADVME122 Robotic arm with griper (RF controlled)
ADVME123 Pneumatic based bench vise(æ)
ADVME124 Pneumatic cylinder based screw driver and wrench system(æ)
ADVME125 Pneumatic based jack(æ)
ADVME126 Pneumatic based nail gun and stapler (æ)
ADVME127 Bluetooth controlled Over Head crane (capacity up to 45 kg)
ADVME128 Side Stand Retrieving System For Two Wheelers
ADVME129 Hydraulic floor crane
ADVME130 Hydraulic sheet cutter
ADVME131 Solar wood cutter
ADVME132 Pedal hacksaw
ADVME133 Hydraulic pressing machine
ADVME134 Smokeless chimney
ADVME135 Early Flood Detection System
ADVME136 Automatic Motorised car lifter up to 1 ton

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